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There are a lot of factors within and outside websites that can necessitate optimization. SEO is extensive in nature and because of this it’s often regarded as complex.

SEO means that you’ve accurately portrayed your website’s
content through. SEO will never go out of style as Google has an army of
scientists analyzing ways to determine the quality of web site content, and the
most effective long-term method for looking relevant to their algorithms is
simply to be relevant. Now, we would exploit ways to easily get your website index
by search engines;
Clean code
Well written content and
Well organized web sites
All of these practices will not only help your readers have a better understand of your site, it will also help search engines index and
interpret your site well, which in turn leads to better rankings.

* Clean code; By
using clean code, you can remove potential barriers to correct search engine
interpretation of a page’s content. XHTML/CSS-based development allows you to
significantly reduce the size and complexity of page code, and the use of
semantic/ structural code allows the search engines to accurately understand
the relationships between pieces of content on a page.

* Good writing;
Well-written content is meant for people, not search engines. Because the
engines are attempting to determine what is useful to readers, the best way to
make them happy in the long run is to create content that actually is useful to
readers. Place important information toward the top (always a good practice for
a skim-happy audience), use descriptive headings to help readers break page content
into easy to-understand chunks, and choose words wisely to ensure that readers
will understand you.

* Good structure;
A well-structured site is divided into clear content areas, with adequate
linking between areas to ensure that users can find their way. Use site maps to
help users get a bird’s eye view of the site, and make sure that your URLs are
friendly and descriptive. (An extension of this principle of organization and
“find-ability” is to ensure that other relevant sites link to yours.)
“The added benefit of a content-centered approach is that
your readers can tell the difference. The clean, well-written content,
attractive designs and intuitive interfaces help you stand out to users
clicking through from search result pages. They stick around, read about you,
and often contact you because you actually have what they’re looking for”.

Other Point to keep in mind in getting your website indexed
by search engine;
Always add new content
Add images to your new content
Check your keyword density of newly added
Title your new content using keywords and key phrases
Get links to your page wherever you can
Make sure you mention singular and plurals of
your keywords and phrases where                                  appropriate.

Maintaining your site rank is not as difficult as you think. The big secret is to simply provide your users with what they’re looking for in
an understandable manner. Be straight forward, label things clearly.
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