How to do online Banking Transaction on your mobile device

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Since the recent advancement in technology the Banking sector of Nigeria strives to make banking activity easier and less complex to accommodate the various classes of people in the country.
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Unlike most people I love to make my life more comfortable
and more convenient so I take advantage of the best and latest forms of technology.
I do most of my shopping from the comfort of my room as well as my banking
transactions, so today in-line with the recent “central bank of Nigeria” (CBN)
policy to operate a cashless society, I want to share with you a very brief
information on How I make my banking transaction with my mobile device anywhere
I find myself. This is a more convenient and easier way around the long queue
we tend to have in most of our banks in Nigeria on daily basis even  with several ATM machine scattered all over
the country, online banking transactions  it very easy to do once you get set up for it  and it also saves you more time.

Getting started with online Banking Transaction  
First thing you will need to do is to go your Google play
store/ iPhone store on your mobile device and download your bank app otherwise
walk into any branch of your bank, go to the customer service unit and request
for your bank mobile app. Downloading it from play store you need to type the
correct name of your bank on the search tab of your play store or you simply
put Nigeria Banks  a variety of similar
app will show up (for example; Access bank, First mobile/first bank, GT bank,
Zenith bank, Ecobank, Skye bank etc.) please ensure you go for the one that
only carries your bank logo as many imitating app tend to show up first.
After successfully downloading the mobile app on your device
open the app and you will be required to filling in your details, most of these
Bank app are synchronize with your ATM cards so to successfully activate your
bank mobile app you will need to request for one (ATM card) before you can
proceed. Upon successful activation Banks like GT Bank and few others will
require you to purchase or get it for free what they call “TOKEN”. A token is a kind of short security pin given to a
particular customer by his/her bank for running secure online transactions with
the Bank.
Now you are fully ready to live a smart and easy bank life,
some of the benefit you get running online transaction;
  •       Transfer/send money with easy
  •       Check account balance
  •       Monitor transaction on your account
  •       Pay Bills
  •       Do your next shopping with ease
  •       Recharge your phone lines
Short code services from Nigeria Bank (please verify codes with your Bank)
  • GTB *737*AMOUNT#
  • GTB *737*AMOUNT*PHONE NO# (to buy recharge card on another phone from GT bank)
  • FCMB *389*214*AMOUNT#
  • SKYE BANK *389*076*1* AMOUNT#
  • UBA *322*033*1*AMOUNT#
  • UNITY BANK *322*215*AMOUNT#
You can also Transfer money and pay bill without having the bank app on your device;
  • GT Bank short code for transferring of money
  • Transferring to a GT Bank account: *737*1*AMOUNT*NUBAN A/C NO#
  • Transferring to other Bank: *737*2* AMOUNT*NUBAN A/C NO#
  • Check your GTB Account Balance: *737*6# follow the sms
>>>Please do not solicit for help from mobile technician, friends or a colleague in the
office in activating your mobile bank app, visit your bank for furtherassistance as  will not be a party to any kind of damage or fraudulent act on your account<<<<.   

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