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In the wake of building a site either on a self-hosted or free host platform, the next thing you want to do is to promote your blog on
the World Wide Web (www).

The consciousness of the web been a vast arena with  online journal exuding consistently, small blogs or site not well optimized are most likely omitted on search engines, thus these site will seldom receive any visitor –Hence the urgent need to start promoting our site remotely for readers. 

promote my blog
Some profound ‘Blogging expert’ or self-acclaim tech gurus tried sharing  few tricks and codes to help us promote your blog very
fast, but you know like they always say nothing good come easy and the shortest possible way to success is by doing what is right, as several wrong application of  these tricks and codes have gotten many Website blocked by search engines.

If you already have a blog registered on prominent
search engines like Google  and Bing, if not you should do so now. After adding your site it may take a while before these
search engines may  index your site, which could sometimes be very
frustrating and discouraging as most of your hard work may not be seen yet by a good number of audience like you wished.

But that notwithstanding, today I am going to show you the best and
most reliable ways of promoting your blog
on the world wide web, increasing traffic to your blog regularly without leaving a hole in your pocket;
1. Using Web directories
After registering your blog on Google and Bing webmaster
tools or any other search engine of your choice you should also register your
blog on as many search engines as you can, the next thing for you to do is
to submit your blog on web directories,  click here to see a list of web
directories you can submit your weblog/ Blog to.

2. Social media
Using Social media platforms is one of the best ways you can
promote your blog very fast. There are quite a lot of them you can sign up
today in promoting your blog (eg Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, Google Plus,
Pinrest, snapchat etc.), join communities, groups or even create a page on any
of these social media platform and begin to promote your blog by sharing your
latest post update on these platforms to your friend, family member and colleagues
all over the world. Using social media helps you in avoiding the use of tricks
and code to promote your blog in a manner that is not favorable with search
3. Share comment
You may never know the amount of traffic you bring to your
blog just by being actively involved in other well-known blog by commenting on blog
post from any of these big blog site, it create awareness for your blog by
helping people know how knowledgeable you are on a particular blog post from
these blog site and invite followers of these blog s to also check out your own
blog regarding a particular subject.
4. Do a Guest post
There are so many big blog sites that require members to
also submit a guest post on their site; you should check some of them out in
promoting your own blog (eg; etc.). All you are required to do
is write an article and include link to your site.

This is not all there is to promoting a website, please stay tuned as i will be updating you with better, smart and less expensive ways to promote your site. 

Point to Note

Avoid the use of tricks and code to promote or to get search
engine to index your blog very fast if you are a newbie blogger. Am sure you don’t
want your blog been blocked by search engines, it pays to do the right thing at
the right time

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admininfo · September 6, 2016 at 7:29 pm

thanks venkatesh but can you be clear on what you meant by interview questions

Wealthy Zoe · September 25, 2016 at 9:20 am

Great post, but work more on your writing skills

Nuhu · March 6, 2017 at 11:05 pm

thanks for sharing but what can we do to increase comment and share on our blogs

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