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Hi, welcome to infoExposure the only blog that gives you more insight on every issue . Today i am going to share with you on something unique for every online shopper living outside Africa.
Did you find something you are so interested-in but only available in online malls around Africa,?

Shopping from Africa can be very easy and risk free if you use my guide. Getting the best shopping service living outside or in Nigeria, there are several online shopping mall spread abroad the country Nigeria– but not to get involved with the wrong hands i provide you my guide.

Before then let me tell you a true life experience from a friend, the very reason i am making this guide:
Several weeks ago a friend narrated his shopping experience with one these emerging online and offline retail mall in Nigeria, after placing his order for a particular item, he waited for 14 days to receive his order but only for this online store to deliver damage product to him, as i make this post he was still battling with online store to get a refund.
Listening to his story I decided I bring up these
article to guide others with their online shopping activities in other to
avoid a repetition. Please understand that the content of this article is not
for the promotion or advertisement of these malls but a guide for a better
shopping experience.
online mall in Nigeria
This article is not bases on
assumption but about my personal experience with these malls, I have considered
these malls from using the following point of view;
  • Buyer’s
  • Production quality
  • Delivery rate
  • Customer service
  • Return policy
  • Money back policy
JUMIA is an online and offline mall with an aim to mimic Amazon’s success by delivering a wide range of items, from toys to generators in Nigeria and across the African continent founded by Tunde Kehinde and Raphael Afaedor in May 2012 with the aim and vision to become the one-stop shop for retail in Nigeria with implementation of best practices both online and offline. JUMIA has warehouses in four other growing countries which include: Egypt, Morocco, Kenya and Cote d’Ivoire.
Jumia delivers to all 36 states in Nigeria with an average delivery time of 1-5 days and over 300 dispatch fleets and 18 hubs in different cities nationwide. Offering every customer and prospective customer alike with an all-round satisfying retail experience, Jumia established for itself strengths through its core values of unique on-time delivery, up to date technology and delivering an all-together exciting shopping experience, always placing the needs and desires of the customer first.
Jumia has become the number one online and offline
retail  mall of some of the fastest
moving brands which include Samsung, LG, HP, Apple, Scanfrost, Dell, Haier
Thermocool, Innjoo, Infinix, Su-Kam, Vera Moda, Eve & Tribe, Jack &
Jones, AX Paris, St. Genevieve, Closet, David Wej, Bellfield, Blue Inc, Lasonia,
Soul Star, Scuup Woman and very many others.
protection                          100%
quality                         99.9%
rate                                  99.9%
service                          100%
money back
policy                         40%
Visit today
konga is one of Nigeria’s online
malls Launched in July 2012 by Sim Shagaya, with the mission to become the engine of
commerce and trade in Africa. They have a retail customer base that continues
to grow exponentially, offering products that span various categories including
Phones, Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Home Appliances, Books, healthcare, Baby
Products, personal care and much more.
Their range of services are
designed to ensure optimum levels of convenience and customer satisfaction these
services include
  •          lowest price guarantee,
  •          7-day free return policy,
  •          order delivery-tracking,
  •         Dedicated customer service support and many
    other premium services.
They are highly customer-centric
and are committed towards finding innovative ways of improving customers’
shopping experience. This is one online mall you can be guaranteed to get the
best quality of services and product without fear, even when buying from a konga
registered sellers you are 100% guaranteed as delivery and handling will be
done by This is a “NO FEAR NO
mall with an ever ready customer service to respond to all your
complains and request.
Buyer’s protection                          100%
Production  quality                         99.9%
Delivery rate                                    99.9%
Customer service                          100%
Return policy                                   60%
money back policy                         40%
Check it out
for yourself now click on this link to shop on


DealDey is one of Nigeria’s online malls launched in March
2011, DealDey features a daily deal on the best things to do, see, eat, and buy
in Nigeria.
DealDey is an easy and fun way to get fantastic deals on great
experiences. At DealDey they support local businesses and in return they
support consumers with good savings! With intentions to create a
“Win-Win” scenario each and every day for local merchants who want to
attract new customers, and consumers who want to save money and take advantage
great services and activities in their own city.
The company’s philosophy is simple: They help great
businesses be found by consumers who are looking for a great deal. Their
members and featured businesses are treated with utmost care and respect. Their
primary motive is to keep both their customers and merchants happy and coming
back every day.
Buyers protection                          100%
Production quality                         99.9%
Delivery rate                                    99%
Customer service                          100%
Return policy                                  55%
money back policy                         30%
So what are you
looking for is the right place to be
Kaymu {“now jumia Market”}


Kaymu is one convenient online
marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet and make awesome deals with a fixed
pricing system.
Kaymu is an online market place
where you can buy the very cheap items, used or new, such as smartphones,
computers, fashion and clothing, home appliances, cars and real estate for the
best prices. If you are a merchant and wish to sell your products, making money
has never been made so easy! On Kaymu.
 You can also easily advertise and sell your
goods and service directly to the customers in your area, also spreading your
business nationwide. All transactions are 89.9% safe and secure and you can
even get to choose where and when the delivery will take place.
Buyers protection                          89.9%
Production quality                         99.9%
Delivery rate                                    99.9%
Customer service                          100%
Return policy                                    50%
money back  policy                         30%
This is awesome
right, so give it a try by doing your next shopping on today
Note; please note that this review is only based on personal experience with these online malls.Please share this post with friends on social media and leave a comment or add any other online mall not listed here that fit in this category.

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